A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Dangsado Lighthouse

Most of residents have made living by catching seafood and collecting medical herb (skin of silver magnolia). However, since designated as a national park where collecting skin of silver magnolia was illegal, those residents have had much hardship.

On the southern tip of the island, there is a lighthouse which provides an unique ambiance. Normally, the islands where the lighthouse is located are deserted or rocky islands but Dangsado is a cozy lighthouse island where 50 people of 30units reside.

Dangsado lighthouse has 100 years of history, and one of the significant events was when Lee Jun-hwa from Soan along with 3 others has invaded the lighthouse and killed the lighthouse worker during the Japanese Ruing. Thereafter, they were sent to Chungsando and lived regrettable lives.

Even today, a portion of the Japanese lighthouse worker monument remains, which reminds people of then circumstances. Dangsado lighthouse is home to the harmony of cliffs and the scenic view and is also famous for the filming location of the movie “the island I’d like to go”

  • 28-13, Dangsado-gil, Soan-myeon, Wando-gun, Jeollanam-do