A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Anti-Japanese Movement Monument

Along with Soan-do, Shinjido is one of the islands where active resistant movements took place during the Japanese Ruling. In 1994, to honor the patriotic spirit of the deceased, Shinji-myun residents have come to establish a memorial monument on a sunny spot in Daepyung-ri.

Some of the recognized people who participated in the independence movement include Jang, Cheok-seon and Lim Jae-gap. Mr. Jang had trained Gwangju student movement while Mr. Lim had launched a rural enlightenment campaign and taught patriotism, rotating around villages. Mr. Lim had once served as an armed agent under the leadership of famous Kim Jwa-jin.

Dangsado, a subordinate island of Soando, was originally named ‘Hangmundo’ but later renamed as Jajido because of a negative connotation. It was renamed once more to the current, Dangsado.

It was named so in 1982 as the ship operators who went back and forth from Tang Dynasty worshiped in the region, though it is only a myth. But among the sailors, it is still called Jajido.

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