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Jangdo Cheonghaejin historic site

Jangdo Chunghaejin Historic Site

Located in Jangjwa-ri coastal waters, Jangdo (aka Jangun Island, ‘Admiral Island’ in Korean) is wide and flat, shaped like an abalone.

One can walk to the island at low tide twice a day, situated about 180m from the village. Jangdo is a historic site of Chunghaejin that was created by famous Chanpogo and him.

Admiral Changpogo has created Chunghaejin and cleared out pirates, an event which contributed to Silla’s taking charge of the sea trades among Silla, Japan and Tang Dynasty. As the historic site tells us that Jangdo had internal and external walls, currently a sanctuary restoring project is actively in progress.

In many parts of Wando centered on Jangdo, numerous historic relics and sites such as traditional roof tile and earthenware are discovered. Also, in the southern mud flat of Jangdo at low tide, remains of wooden fence used to defense Chunghaejin. Historic sites include Chunghaejin Castle, 와당편, temple, remains of Buddhist temple, etc.