A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Jungdo-ri Gugye-dong

Jungdo-ri Gugye-dong is famous for various sized stones cut in the shape of 9 stairs by waves.

The beach Is 800m long and 200m and situates extensive forest behind featuring 40 types of evergreen and maple trees. About 1,153 years ago during 3rd year of the 42nd King of Silla, King Heungduk when Changpogo had created Chunghaejin, this region has been designated as greenery spot after hearing of Gugye-deung from the locals.

It is the place of numerous stones in different sizes along the beach and all of them are sleek with no angular sides. Some of them are about same sizes with eggs or even with watermelons. How many times do they have to be struck by waves for the round and sleek shape! Gugye-deung, in Korean, literally means ‘hill in the shape of 9 stairs’. It is named so since stones which have been struck over and over by heavy waves form 9 stairs from the bottom of the sea all the way onto the beach from the ancient days.

Especially, 40 kinds of evergreen trees such as oak tree along with maple trees create the cool perfect environment to relax tired body especially during hot summer. Walking path into the forest also provides therapeutic joy to the visitors.

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