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ChangPoGo shooting set

ChangPoGo Drama Location Sets

The special drama series about the ‘king of the sea’–Ambassador ChangPoGo has been filmed in the remains of Chunghaejin in Wando-gun. ChangPoGo has actively been engaged in sea trades and played as a leader of keeping order in East Asian sea including Tang Dynasty, Japan and Southern China Sea during unified Silla era by creating Chunghaejin in Wando that eventually cleared out the pirates.

Based on Choi In-ho’s historical novel “Haesin (god of the sea)”, the 50 episode-special drama series “Haesin” was filmed in multiple locations including Korea and China with then the largest production cost in Korea– 15 billion won and seen on KBS 2TV for 6 months from November 2004 to May 2005.

Currently on every weekend in Chunghae Harbor where many tourists pay visits to, a variety of fun experience events are available.