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World Slow Walking Festival

World Slow Walking Festival

  • Movement of designation of UN’s World Walking Day under the lead of Korea
  • Global brand marketing using WHO Healthy City, Asia’s first Slow City (healthy island Wando), etc.


  • Plan a happy slow walking festival with multicultural population from all over the world
  • Image improvement by “World-class healthy city=Wellbeing City=Wando-gun”


  • Name : 1st World Slow Walking Festival
  • Slogan : ‘Healthy Island, Andante Wando’
  • Period : April 17 (Friday) - April 18 (Saturday) (2 Days)
  • Location : Wando-gun area (main site – Shinji Myungsasipri, Cheongsando)
  • Expected # of attendees: 10,000 persons yearly
  • Invited nations : Designated nations of World Slow City (Italy, Australia and 10 nations), China, Japan, etc.
    • Invited Guests : National Assembly members, Minister of Administration Safety, Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Governor, Sisterhood organization heads, Slow City branch representatives, World Slow Walking movement headquarter, Related foreigners living in Korea, Entrepreneur, Honored head of myun, domestic-international reporter association, Head of organization under the county, etc.
    • Others : Multicultural households in Wando, Nationwide walking club, Visitors, Residents, etc.
  • Host/In-Charge : Wando-gun, World Walking Movement Headquarter / World Slow Walking Committee
  • Sponsor : Ministry of Administration Safety, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Jeollanamdo
  • Registration : No entrance fee * for Cheongsan, limited to those who made appointment via phone or internet due to the vessel schedule.