A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

ChangPoGo Festival


  • Title : 2009 Wando ChangPoGo Festival
  • Period : May 2 (Saturday) ~ May 3, 2009 (Sunday) / 2 Days
  • Location : Wando Beach Park, ChangPoGo Memorial Hall
  • Subject : With ChangPoGo’s Dream, let’s go to the bright sea and to the bright future!
  • Host : Wando-gun
  • In-Charge : Wando ChangPoGo Festival Committee
  • Sponsor : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Land and Sea, Jeollanamdo, Korea Tourism Organization, King of the Sea ChangPoGo Project, Nonghyup Wando-gun Office


Topic : With ChangPoGo’s Dreams, to the bright sea, to the bright future!

Topic Details

Born and raised in Wando and its sea, ChangPoGo has become a world famous icon who had controlled the traffic of East Asian ocean with the center of Chunghaejin during unified Silla era and made contributions to politics, economy, and culture.

In this new marine era, the historical sea that King of the Sea-ChangPoGo developed is once again highlighted for the future resources, and Wando is being recognized as the center of the movement. The message of this year’s festival is ‘With ChangPoGo’s Dream, let’s go to the bright sea and to the bright future!

Festival Details


  • Increase the ChangPoGo brand image by consistent strengthening of the ChangPoGo theme in order to take place as a competitive international festival, even though the ChangPoGo brand has been settled as the region’s major brand through drama set projects, Jangdo historic site restoring project, ChangPoGo Memorial Hall, ChangPoGo Monument project, etc.
  • Since 2006, Wando ChangPoGo Festival’s major changes were the extensive ChangPoGo and the sea themes. This year to take, new programs such as ‘Haesinje’ and ‘ChangPoGo street acts parade’ have been developed which strengthened the ChangPoGo brand, and the size of ‘Chunghaejin Marine Multimedia Show’ was enlarged in conjunction with Wando Tower’s laser show, which will make it a major show of Wando.
  • Especially, ‘Chunghaejin Seafood Buffet’ which made a hit last year is once again to be held in a larger setting, and programs such as sampling and experiencing Wando seafood will be initiated, which is expected to strengthen the number one marine products.
  • ‘1st World Slow Walking Festival’ has been set for 2 day event from 3 day event in consideration of administrative vacancy. The programs for the outsiders will be scheduled forefront to maximize satisfaction level of the visitors, and the opening ceremony on the evening of Day 1 and Chunghaejin Multimedia Show will be performed consecutively for an ultimate opening night.