A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,
Yejakdo Winterberry

Gamtang trees grows in southern region of the peninsula as well as warm parts of Japan and China. The academic name is Ilexintergra Thunb and grows very slowly in the shaded area even though it is Negative. It has thick and hairless roots and is brown-colored. Leaves are lively and oval-shaped with not hair on both sides while the side tips have 2-3 spikes. Flowers are green colored and blossom during March and April. The fruits ripe in red color during August and September. winterberry in Yejakdo is about 15m wide, 86cm high and total perimeter is 270m long.

Such facts allow us to assume that the trees are at least 300 years old. winterberry is resistant to sea wind, pollution, and even fire to some degree, making it an ideal type of trees around industrial complexes. Also, it is easy to be transplanted. The Gong and Kim families who began inhibiting about 200 years ago have conducted ritual ceremony to the trees. Such custom is today conducted by the village inhabitants for the safety of the village