A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Kim Yang-jae Traditional Residence

This traditional wooden house with 4 wings (sarang wing, haengrang wing, daemun wing and living wing) and total area of 232.3㎡ has been built by inheriting the family’s spirit of Nameun Kim Noh-yeon who was the father of well-know Gyeam Kim Sung-hee who was actively engaged in anti-Japanese movement during Gojong era of end of Chosun Dynasty. It is estimated that this building structure has been built about 150 years ago. Ever since, Jungsan Kim Sang-geun, who was a reputable business man of education, shipping, and foresting, expanded the living wing, Daemun wing and Haengrang wing. The roof was made with grilled traditional tiles, and overall, it took in the architectural characteristics of Japan, China and Korea. Thereafter, Goam Kim Yang-jae who served as the head of Nohwa-myun and Jeollanamdo officer created a garden and currently Kim Dong-sung is inherited the residence 4 generations in a row. The garden resembles a botanical garden where 150 kinds of tropical and subtropical plants are planted.