A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Stone with Song, Si-yul’s Writings

The stone refers to the cliff of coastal waters in Bogildo’s Sunbekdo village. The writings represent the resentment and missing feeling toward the King written by poet of King Sunjo – Sookjongjo, Woo-am who was removed from his government position and then was en route to Jeju-do.

He expressed his lonely feelings onto the stone as “The old body and soul of an 80-year old cut through the sea going over all the hardships…” Later, Woo-am’s student Lim, Gwanju has taken the same sea route as Woo-am in 1707 and left a poem which still is heard today.

The stone is located in the sea between Bogildo and Soando and is known to be the perfect sea fishing spot with abundant marine algae.

A 83-year old senior

  • Passes through the rough and far sea route
  • Words became sins
  • And the three abashments are regrettable and sad
  • Looking up the sun on the northern sky
  • Wind is my only friend as heading down to the south
  • The appreciation to the King is still in my mind
  • Such feeling makes me lonely and sad