A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Yun, Sun-do Historic Site

As one of Bogildo’s top destination sites, Yun sun-do historic site was created in this region when Yun Sun-do stationed in Bogildo en route to Jeju in the midst of the Manchu War where he fell in love with the scenery. Many well known poems and songs were created in this place.

Buyongdong Region

Chosun Dynasty’s poetic icon, Gosan Yun Sun-do (1587-1671) has built a bench on the slope of Buyong-dong Gyukjabong and written a number of famous poems and books.


Nakseoje built in the shape of 3 tiled-roof houses together is where Gosan Yun sun-do resided to spend time in researching and studying.

Dongchun Seoksil

Apposite Nakseokje, there is a small bench named Dongchun Seoksil that possess a fantastic scenery.


A bench located between Seyeonji and Hoisudam, SeyeonJung has four signage, Seyeonji in the center, Hogwangru in the east side, Nakgiran in the south side, and Donghagak-Chilamhyun in the west side.


Named after a chimney, Pansukbo functioned as a unique garden with center-emptied shape that allowed storing water in Seyeonji which eventually flowed into Hoisudam.