A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Mira-ri Evergreen Forests

The residents believe that the goddess of trees lives in the windbreak; therefore, it has been well-maintained and actually Mira-ri coast is famous for its abundant fish supply.

The silver magnolia serves as the main kind as well as other 24 kinds 776trees form a rich forest. This forest is 400m long and functions as windbreaker from the sea wind and landmark site of the village.

The safe returns from the sea fishing of spouses and children have long been earnest wishes of the residents who make living by fishing. Therefore, the custom that residents came out to the coast and wished to the trees for the safe return eventually enabled the well-maintenance of the forest for a long time. These trees were their so-called trees sacred to the gods. Even today, many of the residents bring a variety of foods and throw ceremony for the good care of the fishermen in front of the trees every first day of New Year.