A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Maeingsun-ri Evergreen Forests

About 20 kinds 80 trees are forming a windbreak and assumed that they are mostly 200~300 years old.
Including silver magnolia, 21 kinds 245 trees form a woods along the coast line that is about 500m long.
This forest is acting as a windbreak protecting the village from wind but also acting as ornamental forest adding visual premium of the village.
Though the forests have been well serving as the windbreak but moreover, the residents believe that ornamental function has been more critical as it allowed the market growth.

In other words, the region is suitable for docking ships making it an ideal for a market to grow. So it used to be called ‘market field’ and the forests are now functioning as shades for the residents. In the old days, this region was the hub of regional island markets.