A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Korean Dendropanax

Growing in the forests of island regions and coastlines, Korean Dendropanax is evergreen broadleaf tree with 15m and Elevation 700m in Jeju-do. It is weak against cold but strong against lights. It favors rich lands and normally co-exist with Camellia, silver magnolia, Japanese Eurya.
The fresh branch is shiny green colored and the leaves are oval-shaped with 3-5 separate pieces and 10-20cm each. One flower blossoms per one branch during June in white color. The leave and centerpiece are both 5 pieces and the width of the flower is 3-5cm. Length from the center is 7-10mm in oval shape and ripens in black color in October leaving female centerpiece.
The hwangchil, which is extracted from male centerpiece by damaging it, is used to decorate high-end furniture. The beautiful outlook of unique leaves and fruits is considered an ideal plant to decorate warm regions.
Reproducing is done by acquiring the seed in autumn and conducting the next spring.
Since Bekje era, it has been used as natural resources and the longest living Hwangchil tree is situated in Wando.