A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Yesong-ri Pebble Beach

Bogildo is considered the most beautiful island in Wando and the Yesong Beach is the top rated beach among other beaches in Bogildo.
Dangsa, Yejak, Daksum, Gisum, Chuja, and as far as Jeju…these are all visible inhabited or uninhabited from Yesong-ri Beach.
Jeokjabong (433m) is situated behind as a background hugging the village. Yesong-ri is beautiful and feels comfortable; however, it has something special to offer.
It is to check out the lifestyle of village residents who live leisurely and slow lives.
Take the pebbles. They were once large stones and have changed over ages of time into the small pebbles which fill this place with.
Yesong-ri is a four-season vacation site where blue pebbles are covering the 50m wide and 2km long beach.
At the windbreak located behind, about 30 kinds of 목초본류 including pine trees, hackberry, silver magnolia, camellia tree are planted. Especially, the pine tree is designated as the village’s 당산목 and a ritual ceremony is held each year.
In the summer night, listen to the sound the pebbles and waves in harmony create, then you’ll be able to seize the lover’s heart.

  • Wando-gun Bogil-myun Yesong-ri