A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Shinji Myungsasipri Beach

Shinji Myungsasip-ri beach coastal waters contain the most amounts of functional component such as mineral in Korea. It offers not only the top rated scenic view but also the extensive size.

As the sound of sand crying can be heard from as far as 8km, this site has been called Myungsasip-ri or Wolmore (crying sand).

Each year, more than a million tourists visit the scenic Myungsasip-ri Beach sitting on 150m wide and 3,800m long area featuring low angular hill, pine tree forest, parking lot, shower facility, changing room, discovery route, etc. Such well-developed convenient facilities contribute to drawing increasing number of couples and families each year. Especially, sand-bathing with soft and warm sands is known to be effective especially in seniors’ joint disease and neuralgia, and the seawater containing abundant mineral is effective in curing skin problems and skin aging.

Moreover, stones located in the area are popular spots among fishermen as the waters contain a wide range of fish including title fish, sea bas, halibut, etc. Shinji Myungsasip-ri has been transformed to a land due to the opening of Shinji Grand Bride in December 14, 2005, and the nightscape alongside the bridge is rated as one of Wando’s must-see tourist attractions.

  • Wando-gun Shinji-myun Shinri

Convenient Facility

  • Tent renting (tent for couple and family,, electricity etc.)
    • Shinji-myun Imchon-ri Saemaeulhoi ($55) Jung, Joong-yeol 011-9625-7228, Kim, Yong-ki 010-9430-3093
    • Shinji-myun Ulmol Saemaeulhoi ($22) Lee, Jung-sook 010-5400-2667
    • Shinji-myun Shin-ri Saemaeulhoi (#35) Lee, Eun-jung 010-3500-2910, Park, Yang-soo 010-3090-2910
    • Shinji-myun Nejung-ri Saemaeulhoi (#45) Lee, Jin-hee 010-4933-1920, Jung, Seung-hyun 010-9950-0908

※ Price : 20,000 won (min. 5 persons) / day
※ Shinji Myungsasip-ri Beach Development Project Center : 061-550-5590

By Car

  • Seoul→West coastline expressway→Mokpo→Henam→Wando→Shinji Grand Bridge
  • Gangwon→Yungdong Expressway→MAnjon JC→JungAng Expressway→Neseo JC→Namhae Expressway→Suncheon
  • Busan→Namhae Expressway→Suncheon IC→ Beolgyo→Bosung→Jangheung→Gangjin→Namchang→Wando→Shinji Grand Bridge