A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Gasa Beach

Come March, 동백꽃 paints the Gasa Beach and the waters with red color. It is the only beach in Joyakdo which is surrounded by 동백나무 수백그루와 후박나무, 잣밤나무 aged hundreds of years.
In Gasadong, a shade is created by evergreen broadleaf forests where water streaming down from Mountain Jangyong is maintained cold even during hot summer.
Joyakdo has long been known for black goat, and today it draws attention as a vacation spot to enjoy the scenic view along with foods made with black goat. In close proximity, a temple with spectacular view is also situated. The regional waters are clear and abundant in fish such as 돔, 농어, 우럭, enabling fishing for all four seasons.

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