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Geumil Sweetbrier Beach

Geumil Haedanghwa Beach

Geumil Myungsasip-ri of Pyungildo, the largest kelp producing region in Korea, is a beach located on extensive lands offering giant sea waves. The waves that originate from 남지나해, show off to the last bit of their powers in this region.

200m wide and 3km long, the extensive beach creates a spectacular scenery along with 20 of small to large size islands including Sorang, Darang, Subdo, Budo, Woodo, Hwangje, Wondo, etc.

For the scuba divers, diving is available at nearby inhabited or uninhabited islands. There used to be abundant sweetbrier at this site but currently they are under the charge of 300pyung-beach. Anytime of a typical summer day, children in Pyungildon carries large board, and enjoy surfing in the sea where waves are provided at all times during summer, just enough to surf. By the time those children are finished surfing and playing on the beach, Haedanghwa Beach is filled with sea bass and clam Starting from mid-August, countless number of fishermen and residents come out on the beach and collect clam. When sea bass and various shellfish such as trumpet shell, clam, mussel reach the beach by the wave, they simply collect them.

Located nearby, Wolsong-ri attracts tourists with about 1,000 trees aged more than 200 years that will provide cool shades for them.

  • Sadong, Dongbek, Wolsong-ri