A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

As the center of Archipelago National Marine Park formed with 200 islands, Wando-gun is the most suitable site for marine cultural experience. The themed cruise ship will be developed to take a route around the Jeollanamdo’s top 3 destinations including Wando as the hub city of regional tourism.

Vacation Resorts and Archipelago Sightseeing Cruise Ship


  • Wando-eup Wando Port area
  • Bogil-myun Yesong-ri area
  • Yaksan-myun Gasa-ri area


Vacation resort condominium


300-400ton (20 knots ), 200~300 passengers

Destination in close proximity

  • Scenic archipelago in Southern coastline
  • Jangdo Chunghaejin area
  • Myungsasip-ri Beach
  • Yun Sun-do historical site
  • Gasa Beach