A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Vision of Wando-gun

Wando-gun’s Vision Center of Marine-Tourism Industry in Southern Coastline

City with embedded historical and traditional marine pioneer spirit

The place where the spirit of the king of coast, ChangPoGo who took over the sea and the international marine trade among Shilla, Dang, and Japanese Dynasty 1200 years ago is still alive, Wando is becoming to be the new hub of marine trade, marine industry and leisure-tourism industry from the central city of 21st century’s new marine era.

Marine trade hub of open-to-the-world southwestern coastline

By strengthening the function as international port, develop to be the international tourism-trade port that restores marine trade activity from Chunghaejin era as the priority port of trade with China and attracts Chinese tourists.

Attractive city in harmony with the clean sea

As a clean region in harmony with development and nature preservation, develop to be a clean and scenic destination leisure town through eco-friendly developments that can retain unique natural environment and sceneries.

Center of unique marine leisure-tourism industry

Develop to be the well-prepared tourist destination that possesses tradition and culture of islands in harmony with beautiful natural environment and to be the center of marine industry, through restoring and excavating historical sites, paving roads, building expressways/national highways and infrastructure such as island-island/land-island bridges for closer proximity.


Wando-gun has the best value port, leisure and tourism facilities for investment compared to any other regions. Wando port, which has been designated as an international port in 1992, has easy access for 50,000t ships. In terms of leisure and vacation, Wando is situated as the center of Dadohae National Marine Park and has easy access to about 200 islands that have blue sea and sea fishing sites along the beautiful coastline. Wando is truly a beautiful region where tradition and culture of islands are deeply embedded throughout
Wando-gun, the place with unique combination of the present and the past, provides a number of attractive features as Korea’s number one investment site such as yacht, golf, sea sauna, pension, marine leisure town and many others.



  • Seoul-Gwangju, Mokpo Airport (1hr)
  • Jeju-Gwangju Airport (1hr)
  • Muan International Airport


  • Seoul-Gwangju (2.5hrs)
  • Seoul-Mokpo (2.7hrs)


  • Wando-Seoul (6hrs)
  • Wando-Gwangju (2hrs)
  • Wando-Mokpo (1.5hrs)
  • Wando-Gwangju (2010 expressway open 40 min)

Sea : Wando Trading port

Wando-Jeju (3hrs)