A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Total Area

169,315 pyung

Lease Area

129,225 pyung

Lease Price

246,000 won


  • Electricity, communication and public facility: 1 unit/1,010py
  • Industrial and tap water facility securing: 3,300ton/day
  • Used water disposal facility: 1,750ton/day
  • Docking station, water station facility: 3 units – 200m
  • Other facilities, gate way, electricity, communication, industrial water, waterworks-sewage and other infrastructure completion


  • Industrial manufacturing, Agro-fishery processing industry, industrial equipment
  • Storage, sea transportation, docking, transportation, service, lease, etc.
  • Local specialty project (shell fish farm)
  • Supporting leasing companies and employee benefits project, etc


  • Period: until end of lease
  • Registration: Wando-gun office regional development and investment development
  • Contact: TEL(061)550-5439, 5734 FAX(061)550-5583

Other Supports

Tax redemption support (Amendment Jan. 5, 2005) – Applied to anyone who would like to build or expand architectural structure designated by President according to regional tax law 276.1,

Government tax, registration tax 100% redemption (subjected industry)

  • Factory, knowledge industry, culture industry, IT, architectural structure for future development and any closely-related educational-research-informational-distributional facility
  • Sewage controlling industry, disposable item collection and processing industry, storing and warehouse industry, load terminal and any other distribution facility installation and operating business, transportation (air transportation industry excluded), industrial equipment lease industry, electricity industry, local specialty business, facility for gas supply and mass energy supply
  • Research & Development facility and test drive facility
  • Facility for management, leasing company support and employee welfare of the industrial complex (profit generating business excluded)

Government tax (total land tax) 100% redemption for 5-years (5 years from contract date)

  • Technical management coaching
  • Small-medium industry promotion agency management and technical coaching
  • Manufactured product selling exporting support, government purchasing organization’s prioritized contract
  • Export support and promoting collaborative business with large corporations