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Local conditions

Region of Uncontaminated Marine Resources

  • 201 islands, 4,940km² of sea, 839km coastline, mud flat and the center of Archipelago National Marine Park with premier beaches such as Myungsasip-ri Beach
  • The nation’s largest producer of marine products : 237ton (34.1% of Jeollanam-do, 8.3% of nationwide)

Wando marine products market share

Sites of Historic-Cultural Remains

Sites of Historic-Cultural Remains

  • King of the Sea, Changpogo’s residence  Chunghaejin
  • Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s place  Gogeum Myodangdo
  • Gosan Yun Sun-do’s trace  Bogildo
  • Anti-Japanese Movement shrine  Soando, Shinjido Chunghaejin historic site

Southwestern Transportation Hub

  • The most southern international trading port in the center of the archipelago
  • Situated in closest proximity to Jeju-do 96km
    • Mokpo (174km) Yeosu (200km) Gwangyang (24.4km) Busan (315km)

The Mecca of Filming Locations

  • Filming location of drama ‘Haesin’ with record of attracting 5 million visitors
  • Other drams include Spring Waltz, Sindon, Daejoyoung, Taewangsasingi, Jumong, Sikgek, General Hospital, etc.