A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,

Fostering Marine Bio Industry Cluster

  • Location: Shinji Myungsasip-ri, Wando-eup, agricultural industrial complex area
  • Period: 2004~2015
  • Area: 360,000 pyung
  • Cost: 381 billion won
  • Detail
    • Research Field
      – Marine organism research center, Marine bio research institute,
      – Marine organism, genetic resources and usage development
      – Marine bio R&D structuring, Attracting marine organism institutes, etc.
    • Industrial Field
      - Marine bio industry start-up business support center, attracting marine bio venture companies, etc.
    • Well-being, Leisure Field
      - Marine algae promotion-experience center, Silver town, adult disease clinic, themed recreational, condo facilities, etc.

Marine resources breed research center

  • Location: Shinji-myun, Daegok-ri
  • Period: 2008~2011
  • Size: 11,150m² (building site 33,058m²)
  • Cost: 8 billion won
  • Detail: Main building and research-cultivating building, aquarium, manager, test equipments , etc.

Marine bio start-up business support center

  • Location: Wando-eup, Jukchung-ri, agri-ind. complex
  • Period: 2007~2011
  • Size: 3,306m² (building site 8,817m²)
  • Cost: 11 billion won
  • Detail: Pilot Plant, Factory bldg, corporate start-up support center, technical skill support

Marine algae functional products sales and experience center

  • Location: Shinji-myun, Daegok-ri
  • Period: 2006~2009
  • Site: 5,874m²
  • Cost: 9.7 billion won (Govn’t 2.1 billion, private 7.6 billion won)
  • Detail: Marine algae experience hall and sales hall, Seawater facilities (spa), accommodation facilities, etc.