A Place of scenic Ocean and Island,
5500 Eat Abalone 100days Nationwide Movement

Establishing Wando Abalone Coporation

  • Abalone Farming Household : 3,806 Farming Households
  • Abalone Production : 4,116t/year (91% of total nationwide production
  • Abalone Farming Area : 44,400 ha
  • Composition : Producer. Distributor, Processor, Exporter
  • Function
    • Expansion of distribution channel, enhancement of exports, development of processed food, operation of professional cooking center
  • Expected Effect
    • Creation of stable selling foothold and dividend profits for sea farmers
    • Export expansion, build-up of the processing industry foothold
      ※ Starting capital – 5 billion won

Developing World-class Abalone Products

  • Period: 2009 ~ 2010
  • Cost: 15 billion won (Gov’t 7.5, Region 38, Own 37)
  • Detail: Export & distribution center, processing factory, convenience facilities, etc.

Pushing Ahead with Selecting Wando Abalone Industrial Zone

  • Area: 1,681ha (capable of expansion)
  • Pushing ahead with special selection process as to reestablish the status of the largest abalone producing region
  • Building bases for regional growth by specializing in abalone and linking up with tourism

Abalone Research Center [2010~]

  • Location: Marine Organism Education Research Center
  • Function: Analyzing sea state of abalone farms and research diseases, research and development of variety and processing food, research in distribution sales and marketing design, etc.
  • Cost: 2 billion won
  • Detail: Experimental materials, research and development benefits, operating expenses etc.

Pushing Ahead with Labeling Wando Marine Products

  • Products: 5 kinds (Seaweed, kelp, laver, halibut, abalone)
  • Increasing consumption and revenue by recognizing superior quality and regional attributes, protecting intellectual property, differentiation from other region’s marine products

Supporting Sea Farming and Infrastructure (8 types 3.5 billion won)

  • Improvement Supply: 1.2 billion won
  • Laver acid disposal substance support: 500t, 590 million won
  • Laver reproduction supply: 100 million won
  • Seaweed blue-chip seeds supply: 300 million won
  • High density buoy supply support: 880 million won
  • Traditional farmed laver facility support: 100 million wonㅍ
  • Kelp purchasing price support: 2.20 million won
  • Environment friendly seaweed stem purchasing price: 63 million won

Developing community sea farm (3 kinds, 240 million won)

  • Abalone: 14ha, 2.10 million won
  • Manila clam: 5ha, 15 million won
  • Cockle: 5ha, 15 million won

Sea farming support (6 kinds, 2.4 billion won)

  • Providing vaccines for disease-prevention, 342 million won
  • Fishery farm cleaning substances support, 92 million won
  • Crustacean farm cleaning substances support, 5 million won
  • Establishing High efficiency fishery feed factory, 1.5 billion won
  • Fishery farm insurance fee support, 178 million won
  • Marine reproduction discharge, 327 million won

Bounty on halibut export

  • Product, halibut
  • Size, 150,000
  • Cost, 150 million won

Maintaining the clean sea (4 kinds, 305 million won)

  • Marine garbage disposal, 800t, 160 million won
  • Abandoned ship disposal, 30 ships, 24 million won
  • Waste oil collection point, 1 drum, 21 million won
  • Purchasing marine waste from operations, 100 million won

Processing and distributing marine products (5 kinds, 7.9 billion won)

  • On-site marine product processing facility, 3 facilities, 4.5 billion won
  • Marine organism business start-up center, 2 centers, 2 billion won
  • Small sized marine product storing facility, 20 points, 300 million won
  • Wando marine algae wrapper supporter, 150 million won
  • Small sized marine algae storing facility, 66 points, 990 million won
Drama series “Food War” production announcement / [Above]PGA Pro- Golfer Choi, KJ [Below]

Wando marine product market development activities

  • Domestic market development
    • Metropolitan departments, E-Mart, hotel, religious organizations, apartment complex, etc.
      Expansion of onsite experiences and sisterhood relationships for securing lifetime patrons
  • Foreign market development
    • Export local specialties to Japan through foreign companies [Japan] Tokiya, Taehae
    • secure the sales network in China with starting point at Yunwun port city, China
  • Expended implementation of Honorable head of myeon/village
    • Work as honorary ambassador for excellence of local specialties and marine tourism resources
  • Promoting excellence of Wando marine products
    • 3 broadcasting corporations and promotion channel home-shopping, etc.

Agricultural products small sized cold store installation

  • Criteria, 50% per 9.0m²
  • Size, 28 units
  • Cost, 210 million won

Fostering rural industry

  • Name, Luxury branding of Yaksan natural medical herb (natural medical herb and black goat)
  • Period, 2008 ~ 2010
  • Cost, 1 billion own (’09: 360 million)
  • Criteria, Production infrastructure, processing facilities, product development support
Gogeum Yuza [Above] / Yaksan Black Goat [Below]

Fostering local specialties

  • Products, Loquat, Siberian chrysanthemum, Jeju orange
  • Period, 2008~2010
  • Cost, 2.3 billion won (’09: 832 million won)
  • Detail, Manufacturing/ processing facilities support

Orchard Infrastructure support

  • Size, 2 areas 9 businesses
  • Cost, 615 million won
  • Detail, Fostering fruit industry and developing orchard infrastructure

Forage production project in conjunction with peasant farm

  • Area, 229ha
  • Cost, 1.3 billion won
  • Detail, Equipment, manufacturing and transportation support for barley businesses