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Welcoming message

Greeting Message

Wando is truly a well-being island where people and nature coexist along with beautiful scenery of islands and the sea, non-polluted clean environment and the local generosity.

At Wando-gun, its inhabitants live a simple and easy life caring each other, and whichever direction you take, the beautiful beach and blue sea as well as scenic islands that are lined up one by one await you.

In 2007, Cheongsando in Wando-gun has been selected as the first ‘Slowcity’ (Cittaslow) in Asia and has also become a tourist site where everyone wants to make a visit.

About 1200 years ago in this region, Ambassador Chang Pogo established a marine kingdom along with Cheonghaejin while Admiral Yi Sun-shin established Gogumjin and led the ‘Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592’ to the victory. It is also a region known to be a cradle of Korean literature where Gosan, Yun Seon-do has created a famous Korean poem, ‘Uhboo-Sasisa (Fisherman’s Four Season Song)’

Wando is a region of the nation’s leading fishery resources where the highest quality seafood such as halibut, abalone, and grouper and marine algae such as seaweed, laver (‘gim’), and kelp are produced in corresponding seasons. Especially, Wando takes up over 80% of the total nationwide abalone production. Based on these resources, we will try to transform Wando into the 『Marine Technopolis』 by investing in particular fields and industries such as marine organism, marine energy, marine tourism, marine distribution.

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