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Symbol of Wando

Wando-gun Representing Symbols

Symbol mark

Symbol mark

  • Visualizes the 21st century world-class port city by combining the sail, which symbolizes Ambassador ChangPoGo’s seaborne trading, with the image of the sea.
  • Emphasizes future-oriented image of Wando with half-oval shaped orange color meaning tourism, yellow meaning prosperity, and yellowish green meaning purity
Brand slogan

Brand slogan

  • Wando where clean air, wide open sea and island, clean natural environment are well retained contain the meaning that Wando people’s body and soul are healthy
  • Green color represents the vitality of Wando and the orange describes the warm Wando getting the largest amount of sunlight in Korea. Blue color represents the image of the sea and the blueprint of trustworthy Wando people’s future developments
Gun Flower, Gun Tree : Camellia flower

Camellia flower

Camellia, categorized as a tea plant that blossoms flowers in yellow, white and red colors, has much nectar making it a good bee plant. Living throughout Wando-gun, camellia flower represents Wando people’s stepping up to the sky.

Gun Bird:Seagull


The seagull, resident bird of port reminding the images of old day’s songs about wanderers, is our people’s friendly companion that notify us of locations of fish and the guides of the fisherman returning home